Coldwater Machine Company is a leader in the design, build and integration of specialized equipment for discrete manufacturing with extensive precision-machining capability.

The Coldwater Machine Company has a 50 plus year history of providing quality services to the industrial O.E.M.'s and commodity goods manufacturing. We have a long history of supporting many industries such as Aerospace, Energy, Beverage, 

Automotive, Appliance, and Heavy Equipment.

The company had its humble beginnings in 1954, in a building that had been used as an egg hatchery. Over the years the company has grown and expanded to support our changing customer needs. In 1999 we moved into a new 87,000 sq. ft. facility that will provide the foundation for future growth, as we change to support the evolving needs of today's manufacturers. You can be assured of getting the acquired knowledge and craftsmanship you desire, thru our established group of professionals.


In 2013 Coldwater Machine Company added 30,000 sq. ft. to the existing plant and to support our growing activity in the designing and building of specialty factory automation cells. We have many goals in process to establish ourselves as one of the most respected companies within our industry. We have a large stable of late model CNC machine tools and inspection equipment that support our internal activity, and the build-to-print activity for precision parts.

Our core business over the years has been providing dies, fixtures, gages, and special purpose metal working equipment for durable goods manufacturers that are durable, reliable and maintainable. We will not deliver less than the detailed expectations that we have outlined in our proposals. Our entire organization acts as the customer advocate to assure that expectations are met and documented.

Having depth of talent, we are comfortable and knowledgeable in an array of manufacturing processes that come together when building large cells. We have a stable of resources that provide focused guidance in niche processes that find their way into any application that pushes the envelope for advancing value inside a production cell.

We have been progressive in our approach to business values and principles. As a result, we have retained a high degree of respect in an industry that has historically had some problems with credibility and high principles.

We have been steadfast and disciplined over the years as we have advanced through numerous growth plateaus.  During this time we have judiciously developed internal systems to define and support our growth. This approach has created a business model that adapted well within the ISO 9001-2008 Quality Management System.

If you are looking for a company committed to aligning value with customer service, then we can provide that partnership. We believe that a successful business relationship requires that both companies overtly commit their resources to a common objective of getting things done efficiently through effective dedication to the project.

We are fully committed to bringing the best practices and learning opportunities to our employees, to keep us out front, so that you can be out front with us in setting the standards by which other businesses benchmark themselves. This is a cultural trait that sets us apart in this industry and gives us a marketable edge to continue a successful legacy.


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