Coldwater Machine Solid State Joining Center

  • Weld parameter optimization 
  • Prototype part creation 
  • Beta test runs of pre-production parts
  • Capable of small production runs
  • Large inventory of spare parts
  • Full service capability 
  • Certified by Harms & Wende service provider
  • Dedicated friction weld team


Primary Technologies of Friction Welding

 RFSSW - Refill Friction Spot Welding

     Benefits Include:

  • Aluminum (1000 – 7000 series), Magnesium, Non-Ferrous and Dissimilar combinations
  • Process monitoring
  • Flexible sheet thickness combination in one operation
  • Result is as solid as original material
  • High energy efficiency
  • No additional or consumable materials required


 FSW - Direct Drive Friction Spin Welding

     Benefits Include:

  • Consistent weld duplication
  • Multiple material welding
  • Significantly faster weld times
  • Environmentally clean and safe
  • Material loss is minimal
  • Process monitoring of weld parameters for statistical process control