Solving manufacturing challenges with truly innovative and simple solutions is a goal we strive for every day. Our ability to design, manufacture and deliver the final product on-time demonstrates our depth of experienced mechanical engineering resources and our manufacturing system capabilities.

As a result, our clients experience wide-ranging solutions with many benefits including increased productivity, cost reductions and a high return on investment (ROI). These measurable improvements are the direct result of utilizing our highly seasoned team for their integration challenges. Coldwater Machine Company is an established manufacturing firm providing engineered solutions that utilize our overall knowledge in a multiplicity of tooling application, manufacturing concepts and automated equipment.

We understand that progressive companies look to the outside for ideas and solutions that can improve the quality and output of their manufacturing processes. Our design-build-installation-integration know-how is supported by a seasoned team with extensive manufacturing experience in many different disciplines. In summary, we have a deep knowledge about processes that shape, form, cut or bond metal, as well as part-handling, inspection and assembly. In every instance our engineered solutions have improved overall part quality, productivity, and increased the durability and reliability of the process.

Confidentiality Statement

Whereas the Coldwater Machine Company has many confidentiality disclosure agreements with customers, it is mandatory that associates do not divulge customer information to any third party. Confidentiality agreement or not, we receive a lot of proprietary information that our customers "trust us" to maintain in strict confidence. This information can be in the form of drawings, documents, customer names, trade secrets, technical expertise, patent information, inventions, processes, formulas, techniques, etc. Abuse of this trust could result in monetary claims by a customer who feels they have incurred damages through our negligence.