Automated Assembly

Automated Work Stations

Coldwater Machine has extensive experience in developing innovative solutions for automating manufacturing processes for a variety of industries and applications such as welding, inspection, material handling, forming, fabrication and others. We work closely with you to design, develop and build a cost- effective and efficient solution specific to your needs. Some examples of what we’ve developed  include:
• Weld Cells using:
     – Fiber Lasers
     – CO2 Lasers
     – MIG (GMAW)
     – Direct Drive Friction Welders
     – Resistance Welders 

• Piercing Stations
• Blade Removal Machines
• Forming Machines
• Robotic Welding Cells
• Robotic Weld and Extrude Cells
• Robotic Tube Forming and Cutting Cells
• Vision Inspection Cells
• Pallet Indexer Machines
• Fully Automated Manufacturing Lines
• Assembly Lines

Size & Form Tube Cell

Our customer had a new product that required five operations – a combination of bending, sizing, crush-forming and retrimming.

This initial processing approach also required additional material to accommodate the retrim prior to bending. Coldwater’s solutions replaced all of these operations with a single-stroke hydraulic press cycle as well as eliminating the need for extra material.

Result: Time savings, floor space savings, and approximately 75% reduction in system cost as compared to the original approach.

Automated Assembly And Fabricating Systems

At Coldwater Machine we apply our innovative thinking to your manufacturing needs, looking for the best way to help you improve process efficiency and profitability. We offer design and build of lean assembly and fabrication solutions from single cells through fully automated turnkey lines that provide any number of processes such as laser or spot welding, stamping, roll forming, and inspection. If you are looking for a solution to a unique assembly challenge or a way to optimize your production operations, you can rely on Coldwater to provide an effective approach.

Some examples of assembly systems we’ve provided include:
• Washing Machine Line
• Cabinet Line with robotics, toggle locks, spot welding, and stamping operations
• Conveyor/Track Assembly
• Stainless Steel Panel Lines with destacking, embossing, notching, piercing, bending, and louvering
• Drum Line with robotics, laser welding, stamping, roll forming, assembly and inspection
• Transmission Component Cells with assembly pressing and laser welding


Our customer had been processing its tubular parts, specifically window regulators, using four manual cells requiring one to two operators at each cell. Coldwater developed an automated, programmable line that decoils, mills, cuts, loads, and bends, which was capable of processing 40 different high volume parts with approximately 250 different SKUs. Easy programmability for quick part changeover allowed the customer to also move low volume parts to this line.

Result: Three of the manual stations were replaced by this one line. Faster changeover, improved part consistency, equipment reliability, labor savings.