Precision Machining

Coldwater offers a variety of precision metal machining services ranging from prototype development through contract manufacturing of demanding applications. We are able to produce highly complex components and assemblies based upon your supplied specifications or we can employ our engineering team to assist in your design. We consistently deliver machining tolerances of .0002"–.0004", helping to achieve your required quality standard. This level of precision is enabled by our highly skilled engineers, our CNC machining experts, our experienced skilled tradesmen and our state-of-the art equipment.


Milling, turning, boring, EDM,  grinding


Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Inconel and other exotic metal alloys

Value-Added services included, but not limited to:

Assembly, Painting, Deburring

Quality & Inspection

NDT, CMM, 3-D portable laser tracking, ISO 9001, load-testing


Problem: One of our customers had been experiencing heavy re-work costs of a large machined component due to deep bore and bottom plate out-of-tolerances. Turning to Coldwater’s precision machining department for assistance, we assured them we could achieve higher accuracy.

Result: Holding the stricter tolerances, we were able to deliver an improvement of about 10% over the previous method, allowing our customer to save nearly 20% of the total costs they had been investing.