Coldwater is on the forefront of spot welding solutions for lightweight and dissimilar sheet materials.  Its SPOTMeldTM  Refill Friction Stir Spot Weld system enables spot welding of aluminum (1000 – 7000 series), magnesium, non-ferrous and dissimilar sheet materials. This technology uses rotational friction to heat the materials along with pressure to forge together the parts using wear-resistant tooling to join two or more surfaces. Heat is generated between the tool and material, creating a soft region. Pressure is then applied, resulting in a solid state joint.

Customers can employ Coldwater to run prototype and feasibility tests at the Solid State Joining Center or have a SPOTMeld system built to specification for use on their production floor.

  • Joins aluminum, magnesium, non-ferrous and dissimilar materials
  • Flexible sheet thickness in one operation
  • Weld near original material strength
  • High energy efficiency
  • No consumables


By 2025, nearly 27% of vehicle body and closures will be aluminum, a 20% increase over today. Our spot friction joining solution is designed to meet this market trend by efficiently joining lightweight mixed material body panels.


Our lab is equipped to provide microstructural evaluation and mechanical testing capability for weld tensile and hardness. This on-site capability enables Coldwater to shorten the development time for laser, solid state and arc welding customers.