Workholding & Tooling

When it comes to holding, supporting and locating the workpiece, we are specialists in high tolerance, precision applications. Our engineers are experts in resolving difficult part holding applications, enabling you to deliver the level of accuracy and repeatability required for your particular processes. This high level of quality can help make you more efficient, productive and cost-effective.

We provide precision tools, jigs and fixtures for:
• Assembly
• Inspection
• Repair
• Welding
• Machining


We design workholding precision into every piece of equipment we build. We also provide build-to-print tooling solutions for all types of tight tolerance operations. The quality of these solutions can contribute to increased production and profitability of manufacturing  facilities.

For example, an engine jig we produced enabled the client to set-up and pre-assemble piping without idling the high-cost jet engine.