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Precision Machining

A Single Source for Your Precision Applications and Build to Print Needs

Machining Precision
Our Coldwater facility offers a variety of precision machining services from prototype development to finished parts to multiple units or complete machines including manufacturing and assembly. With nearly 50 machine tools (see our list below) for milling, turning, boring, drilling and grinding, we are a one stop source for your machining needs including 5-axis machining capability. We consistently achieve close tolerance machining even on large parts in sizes up to 236-in. x 98-in., helping to meet the accuracy and repeatability required for your particular processes. And, we work with partners who are NADCAP certified for critical finishing processes.

A Higher Standard of Quality in Machining Precision

We recently added a jig bore to our Coldwater operations. This machine features components made with extremely tight tolerances and rigidity, enabling it to achieve positioning accuracies of +.00004-in. (1µm). Often referred to as a “mother machine”, we are using the jig bore to make components for machine tools, as well as for the automotive, aerospace, electronics and semi-conductor industries.

Of course, anyone can purchase a precision machine, but it is the tool makers and machinists are our Coldwater facility who bring a high level of skill to our CNC operations so that we can achieve a higher standard of quality.

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Design and Build

In addition to our machining of prototype and low volume components, the Lincoln Electric Coldwater facility offers the manufacturing and assembly of complete machines. As your manufacturing partner, we guarantee complete confidentiality regarding your designs, allowing your company to concentrate on advancing your technology while leaving the build to us. Our combination of machining experts, skilled tradesmen and cutting-edge tools will result in equipment of the highest quality for you and your customers. 


Load Testing Services

The Coldwater facility features on-site static load testing and fatigue load testing services to validate the integrity of machined workpieces and fixtures. Static load tests are used to determine the machined structure’s ability to handle loads. With fatigue load testing, we prove out how cyclic forces will affect a product or material over time.

Our in-floor test bed is 60” x 96” in size and equipped with two overhead cranes of 10- and 25-tons. Machining tombstones are added for additional weight as needed, so that Coldwater can offer test loads of up to 000,000,000 lbs.

Machine Classifications

100 – SAWS“Y” & “X” TravelHeightTableWt. Cap.Spindle RPMNotes
102Marvel Vertical Band Saw     Saw Area
103Doall Vertical Countour Band Saw     Tool Room
104Doall Vertical Countour Band Saw     Tool Room
106Marvel Vert Band Saw     Saw Area (Automatic)
200 – KNEE-Type VERTICAL MILLS“Y” & “X” TravelHeightTableWt. Cap.Spindle RPMNotes
211Lagun CNC14 x 261210 x 45750  
212Lagun CNC14 x 261210 x 45750  
213Lagun CNC17 x 322011 x 501200  
214Lagun CNC17 x 322011 x 501200  
215Lagun CNC14 x 261210 x 45750  
216Lagun CNC14 x 261210 x 45750  
217Willis Accurite CNC17×322012×501100  
218Willis Accurite CNC17×322012×501100  
300 – VERTICAL MACHINING CENTERS“Y” & “X” TravelHeightTableWt. Cap.Spindle RPMNotes
305Enshu VMC EV530Y20 X 322021.5 X 432,200 lbs.6,000 
306Okuma VMC MX 55 VB22 X 412422 X 511,500 lbs.6,000 
308Eumach DM3000P CNC Bridge Type VMC70 X 1253567 X 11818,000 lbs.6,000 
313Hurco VMX 64-50T34 X 643635 X 666,000 lbs.8,000 
314Yama Seiki VBM-160031.5 x 6331.566.9 X 31.54,400 lbs.6,000 
315Yama Seiki VP-201247.2 X 78.731.578.7 X 43.47,700 lbs.6,000 
316Yama Seiki VBM-160031.5 X 6331.566.9 X 31.54,400 lbs.6,000 
317Chevalier FVM-4016DCL60 X 16130.757″ X 161″17,640 lbs.6,000 
318Chevalier QP-356035.4 x 60.23034″ X 67″5,500 lbs6,000 
319Chevalier FVM-3016DCL58.3 X 12226.7122″ X 57″14,200 lbs.6,000 
320Chevalier QP2440-L, W/ 4th Axis24.15 X 40.2621.647.2″ X 23.6″1,320 lbs.10,000 
321Chevalier QP2440-L24.15 X 40.2621.647.2″ X 23.6″1,320 lbs.10,000 
322Chevalier QP2440-L24.15 X 40.2621.647.2″ X 23.6″1,320 lbs.10,000 
323Chevalier QP2440-L24.15 X 40.2621.647.2″ X 23.6″1,320 lbs.10,000 
324DMG Mori – 1100V ECO MILL43.0 x 22.020.155″ x 22″2,200 lbs12,000New (4 axis capability)
325DMG Mori – 1100V ECO MILL43.0 x 22.020.155″ x 22″2,200 lbs12,000New (4 axis capability)
400 – SURFACE GRINDERSTravelHeightTableWt. Cap.  
40424″ Mattison24 x 6021 max.    
405Mitsui8 x 1822 max.    
406Mitsui8 x 1822 max.    
407Mitsui8 x 1822 max.    
408Okamoto DX16 x 3215 max.    
500 – DRILL PRESS      
501Leland Gifford      
600 – RADIAL DRILLS      
601Carlton, 13″ x 6′ T/R      
700 – LATHES: Steady rest 12 1/2 dia maxTravelDia. ThruOver saddleUsing Cntrs.SpindleNotes
703Monarch24 x 1502″16″ dia.135″ max Cannot turn metric threads
705Leblond Makino (Toolroom lathe)15 x 302.25    
706Leblond Makino19 x 783″    
708Yama Seiki GA-3600L23″ x 48″4.1219.5 dia.   
800 – OD/ID GRINDERSTravelHeightTableWt. Cap.  
803Okamoto12 x 32     
900 – BLANCHARD GRINDERTravelHeightTableWt. Cap.  
901Shibaura, 61″ chuck64″ max.36″ max.61″ Dia.  20 1/2″ max height to grind
1000 – JIG BORERTravelHeightTableWt. Cap.  
1002Mitsui Seiki40 x 3035″50 x 382,700  
1100 – VTCChuckHeightMax. Dia.Max. Swg.  
1102Yama Seiki EVL-160063″ Dia. 4-Jaw51″70.86″78.7″  
1103Mori Seiki VL-553II32″ Dia 3-Jaw25.930.7″32.6″  
1200 – CNC BORING MILLS“Y” & “X” & “Z”“W” Trav.TableWeightSpindleNotes
12074 1/8″ Wotan #B10550 X 55 X 3624″44 X 558,800 any degrees
12136″ Wotan #B130S/15096 X 236 X 4835″78 X 11866,000 any degrees
12145-1/8″ Toshiba BP-130.P4090 X 155 X 6027.6″70 X 16055,000 5 1/8 spinlde; 2500 rpmPlaner Type
1215Chevalier FBB-2220RQ79 X 79 X 592055 X 6315,4004 3/8 spindle; 2500 rpmFourth Axis Rotary
1216Chevalier FBB-2220RQ79 X 79 X 5927.6″55 X 6315,4005 1/8 spindle; 2500 rpmFourth Axis Rotary
 Clamp-on Rotary Table  36 x 48  90 degree only
 DeVlieg Rotary Table  20 x 20  90 degree only
 DeVlieg Rotary Table  26 x 26  90 degree only
1300 – MISCELLANEOUSTravelHeightTableWt. Cap.  
1301Electro Arc Disentegrator      
1303Superior Hone      
1304Sunnen Hone      
1307Rush Drill Grinder      
 Ramco Parts Washer31″ X 57″ x 27″dp  2000 lbs.  
1308S & L Tapping Arm      
1309100T Enerpac Press      
131010,000 lb. Deck Scale      
1311Vibratory Stress Relieve 11,200    
1313Bead Blaster      
1314WIRE EDM:x: 19.700; y: 13.780; z: 11.767 39 x 31 (plate)3300 lbs 21 degree angle or 2″ offset
between bowls max!
1318Flex-Arm Tapping Unit      
1319Small CMM, X: 29.5″; Y: 24.5″; Z: 19.5″     
1320Large CMM, X: 48.0″; Y: 80.0″; Z: 38.5″  4000 lbs. MAX max with probe 90 degrees
34″ max with probe vertical
54″ max width between columns
1324Large CMM,X:48.0″;Y: 80.0″; Z:38.5″  4000 lbs. MAX max with probe 90 degrees
34″ max with probe vertical
54″ max width between columns
1321Laser Tracker      
1325Faro Arm/ Quantum S4 foot radius reach     
 Truck:96″ wide x 20′ inside;
84″ high in center.
  21,000 lbs.  
 Trailer:102″ wide x 30′;
Legal: 102″ wide, 13’6″ high from road
   14,000 lbs.  
 Trailer38″h from road to bed;
33′ l including tongue.
 Door Openings:Door #1 20′ wide
Door #4 18′ wide
 Maximum capacities:    Crown (standup) 3,000 lbs.
Crown (sit-down) 6,000 lbs.
Hyster 12,000 lbs.
1323Temptek Portable Chiller     CFD-10A, Digital Scroll Unit, 460/3/60 w/ 3 HP Pump
1400 – Horizontal Machining Centers“Y” & “X” & “Z”Max Part Size WeightSpindle RPMNotes
1401DMG Mori NH800047.2 X 55.1 X 53.142.1×42.1×47.1 Cube/57″Cylinder. 4,8408,000Table Size: 31.5 x 31.5
1500 – Mill Turn“Y” & “X” & “Z”Max Turning
Max Turning
BoreSpindle RPMNotes
1501DMG Mori NTX200019.5 x +/-4.9 x 61.416″60.6″2.5″12,0005 Axis Cap


  • Milling
  • Turning
  • EDM
  • Boring
  • Drilling
  • Tolerances within .0002" - .0004"


  • Tool Steel
  • Low Carbon Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Hastelloy®
  • Inconel®
  • Other Exotics

Customer Projects

Laser Peening System

Coldwater Machine supported a customer for the development of their Laser Peening System. Laser peening is a surface enhancement process that imparts superior reliability and performance into metal parts through improved fatigue life and damage tolerance.

Manufacturing Large Rigs

This transport rig was manufactured by Coldwater Machine to support jet engines during transport to test rigs for performance testing. Depending upon the situation, Coldwater can work from a supplied design or engineer and manufacture a complete solution for precision applications.