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Call Us: (419) 678-4877


Easom Automation

Lincoln Electric Automation’s Easom facility serves as an integrator and manufacturer of automation and position solutions, serving heavy fabrication, aerospace and automotive OEMs and suppliers. Solutions include turntables, positioners, robot transport units, tool shuttles, conveyors, lifters and other specialty equipment.

Pro Systems

Lincoln Electric Automation’s Pro Systems facility is experienced in the design and construction of automated machines and systems for the plastics industry.

Tennessee Rand

Lincoln Electric Automation’s Tennessee Rand facility is a full-service automation integrator providing engineering, machining, and integrated robotic systems with core competencies in advanced welding system design, high-quality weld fixtures, robotic integration, process automation, and ongoing service and support.

Vizient Manufacturing Solutions

Lincoln Electric Automation’s Vizient facility is a robotic integrator specializing in custom engineered tooling and automated arc welding systems for general and heavy fabrication applications. All of the products are engineered and manufactured in-house for complete control over product quality and project timelines.

Wayne Trail Facility

Lincoln Electric Automation’s Wayne Trail facility designs and manufactures flexible, automated systems and tooling used in a variety of metal forming, fabricating and joining industries. It offers custom-engineered solutions with extensive design and system building experience for tube bending and fabrication, press room automation, tubular hydroform and structural frame automation, robotics-welding-fixturing applications, and laser processing systems.

Wolf Robotics Facility

Lincoln Electric Automation’s Wolf Robotics facility has been integrating robotic welding and cutting systems since 1978. With over 8400 installations, the full-service automated solutions provider has designed and implemented solutions for any fabrication process.