Call Us: (419) 678-4877
Call Us: (419) 678-4877

How We Work

Your Partner in Innovative Manufacturing Solutions

If you are looking for a company committed to aligning agility and value, then we can provide that partnership. We believe that a successful business relationship requires that both companies overtly commit their resources to a common objective of getting things done efficiently through effective dedication to the project.

Advancing Value

At Coldwater Machine, we start the process with an evaluation of your requirements and your current operation. We then work with your manufacturing team to tailor solutions that can improve your quality, cycle times and OEE. Our reputation for designing, manufacture and delivering automated solutions on-time that meet or exceeds your requirements is a result of our experienced project management, mechanical and controls engineering and our skilled technicians who put it all together, install and service your equipment.

Meeting Your Expectations

Whether you need a solution for a brand-new production contract or an improvement to your existing operation, we have a wide range of experience delivering—Manufacturing Your Success We will not deliver less than the detailed expectations that we have outlined in our proposals. Our entire organization acts as the customer advocate to assure that expectations are met and documented.

Committed to Best Practices

We are fully committed to bringing the best practices and learning opportunities to our employees, to keep us out front, so that you can be out front with us in setting the standards by which other businesses benchmark themselves. This is a cultural trait that sets us apart in this industry and gives us a marketable edge to continue a successful legacy


Helping to Manufacture Your Success for Over 50 Years
Coldwater Machine was originally established in 1954 as a tool and die machine shop. Our core business over the years has evolved from precision machining to providing dies, fixtures, and gages, and to providing turnkey automated systems for the Aerospace, Appliance and Automotive industries that include a wide range of flexible and agile metal forming and fabricating solutions. In 1999, we moved to our current home, which was originally developed as a green field site to an 78,500 sq. ft. facility located on 24 acres and then undergoing expansion to 105,500 sq. ft. in 2013 and now being expanded again to 132,500 sq. ft. to better support our customers.

In 2001, the Coldwater Machine Company was purchased by JMAC, a private investment firm based in Columbus, Ohio and, at this point, we began our era of design and build for custom solutions. In 2010, Indiana-based private equity group North River Capital purchased the majority interest in the company. Then, in late 2018, we were acquired by Lincoln Electric Holdings, Inc. With this support behind us, Coldwater Machine looks forward to accelerating our business, especially our automation, welding and build to print strategies.

Throughout the years and acquisitions, we have been steadfast and disciplined, helping us to through numerous growth plateaus. During this time, we have judiciously developed internal systems to define and support our growth. This approach has created a business model that adapted well within the ISO 9001-2015 Quality Management System.

We have been and will remain progressive in our approach to business values and principles. This helps to ensure a that we maintain a high degree of respect by our customers and suppliers. By focusing on the development of new manufacturing technologies to address emerging industry trends, the company is positioned to dynamically meet ever-changing customer needs.

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