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Call Us: (419) 678-4877

Solutions Development

Delivering Innovative Manufacturing Solutions

At Coldwater Machine, our engineers apply innovative thinking that begins with a needs analysis. First is an evaluation of your requirements and your current operation. We then work with your manufacturing team to tailor solutions that can improve your quality, cycle times and OEE. Our reputation for designing, manufacture and delivering automated solutions on-time that meet or exceeds your requirements is a result of our experienced project management, mechanical and controls engineering and our skilled technicians who put it all together, install and service your equipment.

Whether you need a solution for a brand new production contract or an improvement to your existing operation, we have a wide range of experience delivering—Manufacturing Your Success

Customer Projects

Eliminate Need for Pit and Costly Rigging

To produce this Transmission Torque Tube, we designed an automated processing solution consisting of four in-line presses and a transfer system. As compared to alternative single-press solutions, this line eliminated the need for a pit or the expensive rigging costs associated with larger presses. The system features a station to flip the part – top to bottom – without the typical constraints encountered when using multiple dies in one large transfer press.

Replacing Multiple Operations with a Single Stroke

Our customer had a new product that required five operations – a combination of bending, sizing, crush-forming and retrimming. The initial processing approach also required additional material to accommodate the retrim prior to bending. Coldwater’s solution replaced all of these operations with a single-stroke hydraulic press cycle. In addition, this approach eliminated the need for extra material.

The result? Time savings, floor space savings and an approximately 75% reduction in system cost as compared to the original processing approach.

Updates Bring New Efficiency to Existing Assets

To produce this dryer drum, we retooled an existing line to accommodate a new dryer model and provide a more efficient operation. We replaced the existing gap expander, as well as adding a hemming and curling station. We designed the hemming operation to be performed with one pneumatic-actuated tool versus two hydraulic actuated tools featured in the original line.